Faculty of Science and Engineering

School of Architecture and the Built Environment
Assessment Brief
Module 5CN010 Academic, Leadership and Employment Skills.
Module Leader Olugbenga Timo Oladinrin
Semester 2
Year 2020/2021
Assessment Number 1 & 2
% of module mark 40 & 60% Respectively
Due Date Friday 26th March for Assignment 1; 14th May 2020 for Assignment 2
Hand-in – what? Completed work- Group Work, Portfolio
Hand-in- where? Canvas
Pass mark 40%
Method of retrieval RETAKE module at next opportunity at additional cost
Feedback Within 4 working weeks
Collection of marked work N/A as copy retained for external examiner. However, discussion with module tutor can be arranged by appointment. Students MUST keep a copy of their submissions as well.
Learning outcomes:
By the end of the module, you should be able to:
Learning Outcome 1 – You will be able to develop and recommend strategies for the development of group dynamics including displaying team building skills, leadership qualities and self development.
Learning Outcome 2 – You will plan contributions and develop effective solutions to problems within your award discipline.
Learning Outcome 3 – You will produce a career development plan, reflect upon practice and provide improvements and demonstrate results
Learning Outcome 4 – You will be able to provide solutions to construction project problems by analysing information and recommending appropriate technical solutions
Academic Year 2020/21
NOTE – Students are to work in groups for Assignment 1
You are a group of construction professionals acting for a well-known property developer, COMPETENT homes. You have recently acquired the freehold interest in Ivy House on behalf of the company from the previous owner. You have now been instructed by your Client, to prepare the necessary documentation to convert the building into an executive office building to maximize the use of internal and external areas.
Your Client’s representative is Nick Williams and you will be liaising with him throughout the design process.
The property is located in The High Street, Abbots Bromley and the boundaries to the property are all clearly defined and can be seen on the plans provided.
The building was used as a residential home until January 14th 2021 on which date the property was then sold and the sale of the property to COMPETENT homes was completed. The building briefly comprises:
Ground Floor – Lounge, study, dining and kitchen
First Floor – Bedrooms and bathroom.
Floor plans of the existing building are available and both ground floor and first floor are to be utilised in the conversion. The facility should include all necessary welfare and equality requirements.
Indications are that due to the age of the building, it is probable that some materials containing asbestos will be present.
The ultimate aim of your client is to maximise the space on the inside of the building for use as student relaxation hub and to utilise as far as possible the space on the outside of the building.
[Please note – do not contact any external bodies such as the local council, local suppliers etc. Any group (or any student within a group) who does this will be awarded an automatic 0% i.e. a fail grade for the entire module. If in doubt seek advice from the Module Team before any contact with any internal OR indeed any external body is made.]
Ensure all relevant assumptions are made and stated at the outset of the submission.
Assignment 1 – 40% Group work | Hand in date: Friday 28th March 2021
This submission accounts for 40% of the grade awarded for this module. You submit as ONE group submission with EACH student’s contribution circa 2000 words or equivalent. The word count will be explained to you during Lecture 1.
Submission tasks
Your organisation is to prepare a report to the client describing your proposals and your reasons behind them along with a copy of a full plans application form to building control that you are proposing to submit. Remember that you will already have met informally with the client and the issues that were discussed in the meeting need to be reflected in your submission.
1. Prepare a report to the client explaining your proposals and recommendations.
2. As required by the Building Regulations, prepare a full plans application form to convert the Ivy House into an executive office building.
3. Prepare drawings relating to the proposed development. These should include floor plans drawn to scale and elevations (sketches of elevations will be sufficient) to meet the preferred Client option. You will also need to submit a location plan of the property with the boundaries edged red at a scale of 1:1250.
4. Prepare a statement advising the client of the implications of the work in relation to Building Regulations and the process necessary for gaining building control approval.
Each student is required to also submit a reflective practice log.
You are also expected to include within your report to the client, a suitably detailed professional standard cover sheet, introduction to the report and key recommendations for the Client.
In order to help you with the group submission, you will be called to an informal meeting with the Client to discuss your initial findings. The Client is expecting you to lead the meeting and report on your findings prior to submitting the report. Please note for Assignment 1, you will need to include the following items even though the exercise is more of a practical document than an academic one:
(i) An appropriate range of references and bibliography items to indicate the extent of additional research undertaken in preparing the work needs to be included by each group, cited and listed in Harvard style.
(ii) Please make sure any assumptions are clearly stated at the outset of your submission.
Marking Criteria for Assignment 1
1. Report to client 20%
2. Full plans application form 20%
3. Plans and drawings 20%
4. Building control approval statement 20%
Harvard Referencing and Additional Research 5%
Individual Reflective Practice Log 10%
Meeting with client 5%
Individual Reflective Practice Log details
This part of the assessment forms 10% of Assignment 1. Each student within the group should write, on an individual basis, a one-page reflective practice log which should be submitted on Canvas.
Within the log, each student, on an individual basis, should demonstrate the ability to reflect upon group dynamics and performance.
The reflective log is an individual self-evaluation tool (albeit related to a group activity) and should not be seen by other group members.
Although not in any way prescriptive, the log could include:
 Evaluation of individual team members’ performance during group activities
 Positive and negative experiences during group activities
 How you would change your approach to group working for future projects
 How you dealt with allocating activities, meeting deadlines, group disagreement
 The workings of the group: good, bad and how you dealt with missed deadlines, perceived poor work and uncooperative group members
 Conflict resolution
 How learning outcomes 1 and 2 were met.
Please be professional in your reflections and ensure all comments are capable of being supported if questioned.
Guidance on submitting Assigment 1 on Canvas
• One nominated member of each group should submit the full task assignment AND their own reflective statement as an appendix on canvas.
• All other members only submit their reflective statement on canvas. All individual reflective statements must reference their group number.
This is what I want doing
Note that students are to work on an individual basis for Assignment 2
Assignment 2 – 60% Individual | Hand in date Friday 14th May 2021
(This accounts for 60% of the grade awarded for this module – submit this work on an individual basis circa 3000 words or equivalent)
This INDIVIDUAL submission comprises TWO sections:
Section A
This section asks EACH student to individually produce a CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN which covers their own professional and career development plans over the next 3 years i.e. up until 2024. It is expected that this submission shows appropriate research into your relevant professional institution and how to become a student member and then ultimately a full member, as well as research into career options, employment opportunities, professional development, lifelong learning requirements, etc.
Section B
Using the drawings and other information developed by your group for Assignment 1, each student is to submit and complete the following task, dependent on their award. This task must be completed on an individual basis.
Award Task to be undertaken
Building Surveying The Client has requested the preparation of a condition survey and a five year planned maintenance regime to ascertain the overall condition of Ivy House, prior to the commencement of any works. Prior to engaging you the client wishes to see a sample of your work.
Your task is to undertake a condition survey of the domestic property of your choice.
Client has expressly stipulated that you should prepare a report that meet the following conditions.
• To base your report upon the internal and external areas. The inspection should be from ground level only – no working at height or any access that would pose a risk to personal safety.
• To undertake a non-intrusive inspection of the building internally and externally which includes building services
• Not to employ specialists, but to provide recommendations where appropriate.
• Includes a schedule of maintenance and repair recommendations.
• Includes a schedule which provides a photographic record of the key areas inspected.
Your report is to be prepared in a professional format ready for submission to the Client, paying particular regard to professional ethics, liability for negligence, and the duty of care owed by a practitioner acting in accordance with the generally approved practices of the Building Surveying profession.
Construction Management & Construction and The Built Environment Demonstrate the Principal Contractor’s site organisational requirements needed to realise the project in compliance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. This should be in form of a construction phase plan which identifies the key health and safety arrangements and how they will be managed on site once the works have commenced. The plan should also contain a sketch plan of the site layout. Further comment on how the subcontractors required will be selected and appointed to carry out the services element of the proposed works. Ensure your answer is in a format ready for submission to the Client.
Quantity Surveying Advise on the effective way of realising the project cost. Further advise on the most appropriate procurement route to successfully realise this project – the Client has indicated that cost and time are the key project criteria.
Ensure your answer is in a format ready for submission to the Client.
Property Management and Real Estate Funding for construction projects can be found from a range of sources between debt and equity funding.
The client has asked for a professional report on the options open to them for funding this project. They do have 50% of the funding on long term deposit held at the bank but they will have to raise the remainder from other sources. You should consider the mainstream options and alternative sources of funding that may be available.
Within your report discuss the factors the client may wish to consider when selecting a funding source and provide calculations (at least one each from two separate funding sources; one traditional and one alternative) to show the cost of finance. You are required to produce a professional report in a format ready for submission to the Client.
Marking Criteria for Assignment 2
• Career development plan including references 20%
• Technical answer including references 80%
University Level 5 Performance Descriptors
Outstanding Exceptionally detailed and original response to the assignment, with critical use of independently sourced contextual material.
Outstanding demonstration of linked understanding of relevant theory, concepts and models. Extremely well structured with high level of analysis.
No obvious errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate.
Excellent Very full, independent response to the assignment with totally relevant material which is well beyond any module input, demonstrating independent study. Excellent understanding of relevant theory, concepts and models. Very clear logical structure.
Very few errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate.
Very good Full response to the assignment with all content relevant and focused. Very good understanding of relevant theory, concepts and models. Application of appropriate theory to examples/practice, demonstrating a rigorous approach to a variety of ideas, contexts and frameworks.
Few errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate.
Good Answers most if not all detailed aspects of the question. Content mainly relevant. Good knowledge and understanding of relevant theory and concepts and application of theoretical models. Evidence of a developing appreciation of contextual issues.
Some small repeated errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate
Competent Main issues addressed and solid attempt to answer question. Some relevant content applied. Sound knowledge and understanding of relevant theory and concepts and identification of main issues
Some repeated errors in referencing or grammar or syntax as appropriate.
Basic Satisfactory attempt to address question/issues with some content relevant to assignment topic. Material engages with relevant module materials, but largely
repeats taught input and lacks development or personal interpretation. Some general understanding of topic theory and concepts. Lacks coherence.
Retrievable fail Some learning outcomes and / or assessment criteria not met.
Questions not answered fully. Content not wholly relevant. Little or no evidence of understanding of relevant theory. Very repetitive of taught input – no development or application. The use of extensive quoted passages evident.
Evidence of sufficient grasp of learning outcomes to suggest that the participant will be able to retrieve the module on resubmission.
20-29% No learning outcomes fully met. Little attempt to engage with the module materials
or ideas.
10-19% Little attempt to engage with assignment brief and has not met learning outcomes. Inadequate demonstration of knowledge or understanding of key concepts, theories or
0-9% No real attempt to address the assignment brief or learning outcomes
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